Skin care oil blend 200 ml


Product Code: SKI1JNZL16

Skin care oil blend with debitterized neem and Rosehip oil. 200 ml

This light oil blend is very suitable for the most sensitive skin.

The perfect combination of the best suitable oils for your skin, for massage and moisturizing.

Very suitable for everyday use on any type of skin.

This oil blend is high in Concentrated Essential fatty acids, rich in proteins with vitamins A, E and D.

Rosehip oil is a very rich source of essential fatty acids – in fact; it is 80 percent fatty acids.  These are vital for regenerating skin cells, and repairing skin tissue.

Rosehip oil and Debitterized Neem oil are fantastic moisturisers as it will moisturise the dry areas of your skin while not adding too much moisture to oilier areas.

Ingredients; Debitterized Neem seed oil; Sweet almond oil; Rice Bran oil;  Rosehip oil; Lavender oil; Evening Primrose oil, Rose geranium oil, Jojoba oil.

Ingredients are 100% pure blend of carrier and essential oils.