Skin care lotion for a healthy younger looking skin

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Product Code: SKInLotion

Body, Hand and Nail Moisturizing and Hydrating lotion with Ayuvidic Neem and Emu oil . This light and creamy lotion is very suitable for the most sensitive skin. The perfect combination of the best suitable oils for problem skin, hydrating and moisturizing and very suitable for everyday use on any type of skin. This lotion will not only help your skin with itchynes and problem spots but will also improve elasticity, you will look younger and healthier. 

Ingredients; Almond Oil, Sunflower Oil, Natural Vitamin E,  Macadamia Oil,  Emu oil, Neem seed oil, Rice bran oil,  Wheat germ oil, Rose geranium oil, Evening primrose oil, Jojoba and Lavender oil.