Sandalwood 20 ml


Product Code: SANB14

Sandalwood fragrance oil is a strongly scented and exotic fragrance. 

It's sweet aroma is valued for its calming properties and enhances a warm

and relaxing ambiance, renew your spirits and soothe your soul with this sensual fragrance!

Our highly concentrated, fragrances are specifically formulated to add a safe fragrance to your products.

For multi purpose use, perfect to blend in our Castile liquid soaps,

Your Bath or Hair and Skin products, 

Candles and Soaps, Oil blends, Massage oil, Carrier oils, Burners, etc. 

The scents are extremely rich, complex and long lasting.

They are ofpremium grade and perfect for those who will not compromise on the quality of their products.


 A blend of the finest essential oils and Therapeutic Aroma Chemicals 

(All ingredients conform to AFRA Standards and code of practice).

Supplied in a glass bottle 

Australian Product made by Australian standards