Pet oil blend, Reduce itchiness and dry spots, flaky skin and hair loss

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Product Code: PEToil

Our 100% pure oil blend has been carefully blended with rich moisturizing oils, rich in concentrated essential fatty acids, proteins and vitamins (E and D), for a deep moisturizing effect on the skin and adds shine to the coat. Enviro Neem Pet oil blend is an all natural gentle oil blend made from 100% pure oils

  • moisturises, hydrates, lubricates or softens (dry) skin
  • revitalises skin appearance; smooths or retextures skin
  • protects dry skin from exposure to elements or wind; prevents or protects against drying effects of the sun; moisturises sun-damaged skin 

Use once a day and use as much as you need, gently apply, no need to massage it into the skin. don't wipe it off just leave on and apply again the next day until you see improvement which should be straight after applying, If you have some left over then you could use this to give him/her a wash by adding a little bit if soap to 200 ml warm water then mix the oil in, sponge it on to cover his body and leave it on without rinsing, could also spray it onto him/her.