Pet Coat spray

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Pet coat spray contains all natural ingredients and helps maintain a normal, healthy skin and coat. 

Contains Ayuvidic Neem oil, Tea tree oil, Eucalyptus oil and lavender oil, for your pets healthy skin and hair.

Feedback   Hi I have once again purchased and paid for your wonderful  Spray. I have to tell you it is the BEST I have ever used on my dog. I get lots of compliments from people wanting to know what the lovely smell is in the house...I bought two last time and gave one to a friend to try.and am now almost out even though I only use it on my dog...the fragrance lasts for ages,

Keep up the great work!! I will continue to be an ongoing customer thats for sure, not to mention spreading the word!! I just LOVE IT!!!!
Another brilliant product 

really pleased with this product. Thanks!              

Very happy, great product and fast postage thank you        

It works and the postage was very quick, thankyou    

my 3rd order,great product with great results            

Amazing Product!! Thank you!!! Very happy with purchase :)

quick delivery, great value-my dog is alot happier and relaxed - IT WORKS WELL!!!     

quick post, working well on dog skin condition.AAA happy dog 1st time in ages to