Neem oil Garden 500 ml


Product Code: NEE3FL3H89


Neem seed oil 100% pure cold pressed  Top Quality Certified Organic oil.  

Neem oil for Horticultural Soil Management Ratios: 2.5 ml per litre for seedlings and orchids, 5 ml per 1 litre of water for any other plant and 10 ml for soil management 

Neem oil for Horticultural Soil Management

Healthy plants grown in a well balanced soil environment are naturally more resilient against pest and disease attack and as a consequence they also require less chemicals to control problems and are better able to take up and utilise nutrients from the soil.  Shallow, weak or damaged roots, sick and weak plants and poor soil structure, are but a few issues that plant based systems deal with on a daily basis, unfortunately however, attempting to deal with these issues with just the chemical remedies available, rarely has any lasting effect.

Plants that are stressed or unhealthy can quickly become prime targets for pests and disease, so in the transition to healthier soils the use of more natural products like  NEEM OIL to help slow and minimise the influence of pest and disease infestations. 

Neem seed oil will solidify at low temperatures below 20c. If this happens, immerse container in warm to hot water.