Neem oil 200 ml TGA L 210423


Product Code: NEEDH4RM23

Neem seed oil 100% pure cold pressed  Top Quality A grade Certified Organic oil.  

Neem has been traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to assist removal of head lice and eggs.To decrease mild symptoms of rheumatic aches and pains. To help relieve symptoms of minor skin wounds ( cuts, scratches and abrasions) and itchiness

 EnviroNeem Neem oil is listed on the Australian register of therapeutic goods.  Aust L 210423 Therapeutically: Neem oil may also be used for the treatment of minor skin conditions, therefore there is no better and safer use for kids then using neem oil to assist in the removal of Lice and eggs

In cold conditions, neem oil hardens, Immerse bottle of oil in warm water to dissolve the thick hardened fatty acids.

Directions for use:

Head lice; Mix 2 to 10 ml oil with 100 ml of everyday conditioner. in severe infestations 50/50 can be used  Apply to hair and leave for 10-30 minutes. For best results, use a  nit comb to comb through hair before rinsing out the conditioner. Neem oil mixed with a mild shampoo can be made into a prevention spray. Be aware, neem has a strong odour, Essential or fragrance oils may be mixed into it. Lavender, Teatree, Eucalypt, Sandalwood or Berry oils blend well with neem oil.

Neem oil may also be used for the management of minor skin and scalp conditions. Dilute 2 to 6% with vegetable oil, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body wash, Lotions or Creams and applied ones or twice a day directly to skin or scalp.

What is Neem seed oil ?? Neem oil is a vegetable oil cold pressed from the seeds of the neem tree grown in India. Neem oil has been used traditionally for centuries in India for medicinal purposes, for the management of minor skin and scalp conditions including cuts and minor wounds. Neem oil can be compared with tea tree oil with similar properties with the consistency and the moisturizing properties of olive and coconut oil.

Do not use if pregnant or planning pregnancy. Not to be taken. Keep out of reach of children