Neem oil 1 Litre

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Neem seed oil 100% pure cold pressed  Top Quality A grade oil. 

At Enviro Neem, we source our neem seed oil from India where it is extracted from the seeds of the neem tree in a patented Indian traditional method without heat, chemicals or petrochemicals which assures the highest quantity of all the liminoids and compounds.

Neem oil is rich in fatty acids and glycerides and provides an excellent natural moisturizing base for cosmetic formulations such as soaps, shampoos, Lotions, creams, enabling many people to enjoy products which avoid the use of harmfull chemicals.  Neem oil can be added to your shampoo/conditioner, body lotion, shower gel or massage oil.

 Neem has been used for centuries by many countries in the world but mostly India where the tree originally comes from. Neem oil is a natural vegetable oil and is very bitter, dark honey colour and has a strong garlic/sulphur odour. The odour can be masked with the addition of essential  or fragrance oils. Neem oil contains Vitamin E and many essential amino acids which help restore moisture and elasticity to the skin.

 Neem seed oil will solidify at low temperatures below 20c. If this happens, immerse container in warm to hot water.

 Enviro Neem has developed Unique products using Certified Organic Neem seed oil and other complementary essential oils. We only use the highest quality tested materials Proven to be without harmful chemicals. We don't claim that our products will work on every person as we are all unique in our needs, but we do have a high success rate. We aim to make this world a better place by selling Natural Non Toxic top quality Certified Organic Neem seed oil and Neem products,

We sell Oil blends, Shampoos, Conditioners, Shower gels, lotions, Head lice product, Soaps,  and more.

Not to be taken, Keep out of reach of children, Do not use if pregnant or planning pregnancy.

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The Wonders of Neem

We have have recently become aware that products that are promoted for use on plants or animals are regulated by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. Our two TGA listed products are the only neem products that Neemoil Australia Imports currently have that are approved, these two products are only approved for the specific indications allowed by the TGA. These two neem products are not approved for any veterinary or agricultural use, are not approved for use as personal insect repellents, and should not be used on plants or animals, nor included in any product that is intended to be used on plants or animals or as a personal insect repellent, as the risks associated with these uses have not been evaluated.