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On special, Short time only, $ 395 for 20 litres inclusive of GST and delivery within Australia

Please be aware of other neem oil resellers, our oil is 100% neem oil with a 5ml per litre dilution ratio for plants, Take note of this ratio, if advised to use more then 5 ml per litre you may not be buying or receiving  100% pure neem oil but a diluted oil  

We only sell Neem seed oil 100% pure cold pressed  Top Quality A grade Certified Organic oil ,MSDS and CoA will be available upon request

We are the Main Importers of Pure Neem Seed oil in Australia. We Manufacture the best Castile Soaps and Potassium soaps you can buy. We import regularly and only sell top quality neem oil for the best price. Buy Direct from us and Save Money 

For top quality Neem seed oil,  Neem Leaf,  Natural castile Liquid Soaps and Soap Bases,  Soil Ameliorant,  Head Lice,  Skin care,  Pet care,  Essential and Fragance Oils and more

Enviro Neem has developed unique products using Certified Organic Neem seed oil. We only use the highest quality tested materials proven to be without harmful chemicals. We aim to make this world a better place by selling Natural Non Toxic top quality Certified Organic Neem seed oil and Neem products. Neem oil is natural oil, cold pressed from the kernels of the neem tree and used for many purposes 

STAY SAFE AND HEALTHY  Michelle and Christine


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