Herbal Pet Conditioner 2 ltr


Product Code: HOR8GPEL67

Herbal Conditioner for Dogs and Horses

Moisturizing skin, Detangling hair and gently cleanse the coat of dirt, irritants and allergens.

Our unique and exclusive blend in this special conditioner helps improve and maintain your pet's coat. This gentle conditioner is suitable for animals with skin allergies and hot spots, and will not irritate the damaged skin. .

  • cleans, washes or conditions skin, coat, hair or fur
  • removes loose dandruff (flakes)
  • adds body to hair or fur; helps make hair or fur look fuller
  • revitalises coat appearance; adds shine to coat; promotes lustre

This conditioner contains: Aloe Vera gel,  Essential Eucalyptus oil, Carrier Jojoba oil, and Fragrance Sandalwood oil.