Horti Potassium soap 250 ml

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Enviro Neem Horticultural Potassium soap. Concentrate derived from Neem oil.
Potassium soap can be used as a horticultural plant spray or as an organic emulsifier for horticultural oils.
This product can be used on all plants.

Mix 25 to 50 ml of potassium soap per 1 litre of water for a plant spray.

To use as an emulsifier for horticultural oils, there are 2 ways of mixing;

1) Use approximately 25 ml per litre of warm water mix well, then mix in 5 ml of neem oil or other oils.

2) For mixing larger quantities and this is more economical, Mix the potassium soap with the oil before mixing them with water, at a rate of approximately 20% soap to 80% neem oil, the mix should look like runny  creamy colored custard. 

When mixing with warm water make sure the oil has been well emulsified and does not stick to the sides or floats to the top, if the oil floats to the top then more soap is needed.

More soap is often needed when the water is hard.

It is best to keep the Potassium soap in a dark area with the bottle kept airtight.