Castile Soap Regular consistency, Ready to use 1 litr

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Product Code: BELCastReg1lt

Castile Liquid soap regular consistency, Does not need ditlution, Natural and Many fragrances and essential oils to chose from the drop down menu below

Castile refill soap, Beautiful gentle creamy, foamy soap, perfect to refil your pump or foam bottle

This soap is ready to use, is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. suitable for babies, the elderly,  People with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis and chemically sensitive skin may experience considerable difference when using our neem, coconut and olive oil, handmade natural castile soap,

WE have been making liquid castile soap for the last 10 yrs and have found the nicest formula’s for the best quality soaps. We originally started our business selling neem oil as neem oil has healing properties and is so good for your skin, so are the Olive and Coconut oils,  we found the formula with neem oil to be absolutely wonderful.

Our soaps contain nothing else but Neem, Coconut and Olive oil, with Lye and water, nothing else but fragrances and essential oils in our fragranced castile soaps.  The fragrances we use are all Australian made by Australian standards suitable for soap making and use on skin.