Castile Liquid soap Thick concentrate Base 2 litres

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Castile Liquid soap Super Thick base Consistency, 

Producing the nicest foam, gentle on your hands face and body, can be used on children, babies, the elderly and people with allergies and chemical sensitivities. Can be diluted by adding twice or 3 times as much water or can be used as is for a nice thick soap consistency.

This soap, once diluted, is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. People with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis and chemically sensitive skin may experience considerable relief with using our neem, coconut and olive oil, handmade natural castile soap,

Traditionally made from just olive oil, Castile soap was named for the Castilla region in Spain, and exported for centuries to royalty throughout Europe. It became famous as the "Queen of Soap". Because of its mildness, Castile soap became the soap of choice for babies and those with sensitive skin. It was also used to launder antique lace and linen.

Use: wherever a mild cleanser is needed: facial cleaner, baby wash, shampoo, shower, hand cleaner, body wash, mild laundry soap, washing dishes .

Castile Liquid Soap Base Concentrate

Made from Pure olive oil, Pure Neem oil, Pure Coconut oil, Purified water and Lye

Thick consistency could double or triple the contents by diluting and still have a nice bubbly liquid soap, once diluted use with pump or with a foam bottle. Undiluted can be used for Laundry or general cleaning This soap needs dilution for use on the skin. However once diluted and you would still like a thicker consistency then a little bit of salt in warm water could be added to the diluted soap, the lavender fragrance oil we sell also thickens the soap and adds a nice fragrance to it.

What is Castile Soap used for ? Castile Soap has many uses. It is a lot cheaper and easy to use.

Castile Spray and Wipe: Use a 500 ml spray bottle add 1/2 cup of castile soap, add 3 mls of essential oils

Castile Dish washing: Use it in it's concentrated form for dishes & scrubbing pots and pans in your sink. Just add a teaspoon on your sponge or brush and wash the dishes with it, you will see how clean and shiny your dishes and pots are when using castile soap. 

You could add a few drops of eucalypt or lemon oil to the castile soap to get that nice fragrance. Get rid of those un-natural soaps and go all natural. Not only does Castile Soap do a good job of cleaning, you can have peace of mind knowing that your using natural cleaning products and saving money.

Hand washing:  Needs dilution: We recommend adding 3x as much water to the soap base, this will thin the soap and will make it more gentle to the skin, this solution can be used in a foam bottle, keeping some of our Castile Soap in a foam soap dispenser near your sink and hand basin for hand washing, wiping bench tops or basins and anything in the kitchen or bathroom that needs cleaning. Easy to apply a bit of soap onto a cleaning cloth to wipe benches etc.

Cleaning Spray, Dilute and add 3 mls of any essential or fragrance oil and then fill the rest with water. Use to clean counters, sinks, toilets and bathtubs. For dusting, use your spray bottle to dampen a dusting cloth. then simply wipe down surfaces that need wiping.Castile Laundry Soap: Use about 1/4 cup or 50 ml of the concentrated Castile Soap. Or use our ready made castile Laundry concentrate with added eucalyptus fragrance

Castile Shampoo: Needs dilution:  Castile Soap foams well, with added fragrances or essential oils the smells make for a vivid shower experience. Try our Peppermint Castile Soap for a morning wake up shower, our Lavender Castile Soap for a night time relaxing shower or our Orange Castile Soap for an anytime shower.

Any fragrance can be used, our fragrances are all Australian made to Australian standards, by perfume manufacturers, suitable for skin use.

Castile Soap Body Wash:  Spray Castile Soap on a loofah or body wash sponge and enjoy a shower that engages the senses. Any fragrance can be added.

Castile Soap Shaving Cream: Apply Castile Soap (we prefer Peppermint or sandalwood) on a shaving brush and apply to the areas that you are shaving. Avoid contact with eyes.

Floor cleaning: Add half or a whole cup of castile soap to 1/2 bucket of water, add some tea tree or Eucalyptus oil. Wash/mop the floor and rinse with clean water…

Fruit and vegies rinse: Add 1/4 cup of castile to a bowl of warm water, wash fruit and vegies and rinse thoroughly. 

Pet Washing: Use a bottle like an empty sauce bottle, mix 1/3 of castile soap to warm water, add some tea tree or lavender oil to the mix, shake the bottle well and apply over wet hair, massage it in and rinse with warm water..

Ratios for adding essential or fragrance oils: 

Use 5 to 20 mls per litre of castile soap, a little bit more if you prefer a stronger solution, but keep in mind the more oil you add, the less foam you get..