Castile Liquid soap Thick base concentrate Unscented


Product Code: CASBase

Castile Liquid soap Super Thick base Consistency, Use the drop down menu below to select container size 500 ml $ 19.00   1 lt $ 25.95   2 lt $ 45.95    5 lt $ 145.00  20 lt $ 390.00  for larger quantities please call  Producing the nicest foam, gentle on your hands face and body, can be used on children, babies, the elderly and people with allergies and chemical sensitivities. Can be diluted by adding twice or 3 times as much water or can be used as is for a nice thick soap consistency. This soap, once diluted, is gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin. People with eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, dermatitis and chemically sensitive skin may experience considerable relief with using our neem, coconut and olive oil, handmade natural castile soap,

Traditionally made from just olive oil, Castile soap was named for the Castilla region in Spain, and exported for centuries to royalty throughout Europe. It became famous as the "Queen of Soap". Because of its mildness, Castile soap became the soap of choice for babies and those with sensitive skin. It was also used to launder antique lace and linen.

Use: wherever a mild cleanser is needed: facial cleaner, baby wash, shampoo, shower, hand cleaner, body wash, mild laundry soap, washing dishes .

Castile Liquid Soap Base Concentrate is made from Pure olive oil, Pure Neem oil, Pure Coconut oil, Purified water and Lye