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Enviro Neem has developed unique products using Certified Organic Neem  seed oil. We only use the highest quality tested materials proven to be without harmful chemicals. We aim to make this world a better place by selling Natural Non Toxic top quality Certified Organic Neem seed oil and Neem products. Neem oil is a natural oil cold pressed from the kernels of the neem tree and used for many purposes such as Head lice, cosmetic skin care, pets and live stock, gardening and farming.

Neem oil for the Garden and Commercial growers,

Enviro Neem garden concentrate can be used as a soil drench at a rate of around 5 to 10 ml per litre of water. This will be absorbed by the plants to become a systemic incorporated into their structure. Neem garden concentrate is also used as a foliar spray at a rate of  5ml per litre of water. Fantastic for Roses and Orchids, Vegetables, Fruit and Nut trees, Indoor and outdoor plants, hydroponics,. around the home as well as for organic and commercial growers. Our garden concentrate is manufactured according the regulations of the APVMA (Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code). Safe to use and no with-holding period.

Our neem oil is cold pressed so it retains all of its beneficial vitamins, proteins and trace elements. 
Neem Garden concentrate can be applied on its own or in conjunction with liquid fertilisers, to improve growth of crops.
Enviro Neem Garden spray is 100% biodegradable; it leaves NO residue in the soil.  A perfect blend for the environment.

Traditional uses show that neem is non toxic to humans, animals, birds, bees & earthworms. Neem is toxic to leaf eating insects.

Why is neem non toxic to birds, Bees, Butterflies, Lady beetles and earthworms??

Neem is bitter and has a strong odour, This repels leaf eating insects from eating plants, but does not repel the honey bee, birds or butterflies from taking honey and fertilizing flowers. Neem drenching repels insects like nematodes from eating the roots of a plant, but not the earthworm as they don’t eat plant roots.

Neem oil for head lice

Our KO Lice -n-Mites spray is selling extremely well, This is because it works and because they do not contain harmful chemicals. We now supply many head lice salons all over Australia .We also have been chosen to supply all Louse Buster shops as we support the Louse buster technique. The louse Buster shops use our products as a backup and for the use on children under the age of 4. Non Louse Buster shops use our product to treat Lice and Nits.

Our head lice spray.....What is neem oil and why would this product work? Neem oil is a vegetable oil, cold pressed from the seeds of the neem tree. Neem contains a substance called azadirachtin, which has been demonstrated to inhibit the production and release of a vital hormone that initiates the insect’s (nits) molt, thereby interrupting the breeding cycle of lice. .

KO Lice n Mites Spray is listed on the Australian register of therapeutic goods.  Aust L 163937

Enviro Neem seed oil is listed on the Australian register of therapeutic goods.  Aust L 210423 

Neem oil is used for management or control of head lice infestations and aid in the removal of head lice and their eggs.

Therapeutically: Neem oil may also be used for the treatment of minor skin conditions, therefore there is no better and safer use for kids then using neem oil.

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